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Static Website


Designing static website is the simplest way to showcase your product or business online. Static websites are for the people who prefer a substantially and search engine friendly website, one that delivers content for which site visitors are searching.


Static websites are designed for easy downloadable images, browser compatibility and easy navigation having effective graphics and interactivity.


Static web site contains a site with linked pages using a font or graphics-based logo, and containing text, and simple graphics. Sites may include any number of pages with minimum script and HTML.


Static website can help your business to present your products, services, and any other important information you want your visitors to have access to. Building a static website is relatively simple because the development technology is simple to use.


There is also hybrid website design . The hybrid website contains static as well as flash animation. The hybrid website is better option when you need to represent informative site with animated look. In hybrid sites the top or half part is design with flash animation which gives unique and innovative look to your site.


Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is required for content such as online databases, e-business, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site etc. A dynamic web page is any web page which has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested. Dynamic website pages are pages that allow a user to set preferences regarding what kind of information will be displayed.

There is a major difference between building a static website and building a dynamic website. A simple static website is an interactive information sheet of your products and services while a dynamic website is capable of engaging the visitor and impacting the business more dramatically. If all you want to do is present information, then a static web site is all you need. Dynamic website is required for content such as e-business, collaborative content, and member-only.


Dynamic Website Types:


  • Database driven Website
  • e-Commerce Website
  • e-Business Website
  • Knowledge Base Website
  • Jobs Database
  • Resume Database
  • Member-only sites
  • Intranet
  • Extranet


When developing your website, your web pages are either designed as dynamic or static. Essentially, static web pages are those on your site that send exactly the same response to every search request.  On the other hand, dynamic pages are most often customized to offer some form of personalization in the response displayed to the end customer.

Dynamic pages are obviously beneficial, and although search engines may be able to index some of them, generally the pure volume alone is an inhibiting factor to most Search Engines.

In a entirely dynamic website, all web contents are stored in a database and assembled into a web page when the page is requested. The dynamic site is essential when frequent change in website content is essential and also to reduce maintenance of the site for the users who do not know HTML. In dynamic websites when the content is retrieved it is merged with a template that provides components that are common to the whole site or sub sections of the site and also includes components that control the style of presentation for the user entered data.

Flash Website

In creating innovative website design there is nothing better than using Flash Web Design. Flash is the very important for creating scalable, interactive animation on the web, whether you are creating animated logos, website navigation controls, long form animation, or entire Flash websites. You will find the power and flexibility of Flash, an ideal medium for creativity.


Flash websites leave long lasting impression on viewer as it contains animation with sound. It has the power to invoke an emotion or excitement. Flash web pages are dynamic, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. The user is given more than just informational content.


Flash produces very small file sizes, particularly when the contents of the animation are restricted to basic shapes, such as text and drawn images. Flash has become a universal standard for the delivery of animations on the Internet. In Flash Website effective flash intros; custom flash animations, corporate flash presentations etc are possible using excellent animation effects.


E-Commerce Website

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) has almost overnight become the dominant on-line activity. 21st Century Web believes that no two businesses are exactly alike, and because a business Web site is really an extension of the business itself, no two business Web sites are exactly alike and they should never be.

Electronic Commerce is no exception. The concept may be same which is to sell products, but selling your product in the most efficient  It may be anything from a simple advertising presentation available on the World Wide Web, or an e-mail communication; all the way to an entire multi-million dollar transaction initiated and  promulgated in electronic form up; to and in some cases including the actual delivery via the net of information intensive goods or services.

Site Maintanence


At RWD, we provides regular maintenance services to our client's as demand grows & changes as technology advances. Web maintenance denotes largest strategic & tactical process in which we track evaluate & maintain your site. This helps to keep your site current, fresh and interesting to visitors. This also helps to eliminate outdated materials on the site & keep visitors coming back for new information.


Domain Name Registration


A Domain Name (Web address) is the core of your Internet identity, your online brand. Your customers will remember this name and use it to find your Web site, your products or your services. Domain names can be booked with different extensions such as .com, .net and .org. Domain Name registration can be done for a minimum period of one year and a maximum of ten years.

Linux Hosting


RWD Linux Hosting is premium provider of Cpanel hosting. Our Cpanel hosting servers are co-located at best hosting data centers. We provide 24/7 Sales and Technical support for our cpanel hosting clients. If you are new in reseller hosting or a pro reseller hosting company, we have the best & most advanced reseller hosting solutions for everyone. Our Linux hosting servers are configured for heavy usage and reseller hosting performance. We care for security of our Linux hosting clients thus we monitor and secure or Cpanel hosting servers & take pro-active security measures. Our cpanel hosting servers come with features including PHP, Perl scripting, mySQL with phpMyAdmin, and a fully featured Hosting India CPanel / WHM control panel to command your site and your Linux hosting clients. Fully optimized servers to deliver the best possible speed, uptime and security for your business websites.


Windows Hosting


Windows 2003 web hosting provides specific options not available on our Linux web hosting platform such as ASP.NET, ASP, SQL Server 2000, MSAccess. Active Server Pages, commonly referred to as ASP, can provide many of the same features that CGI or PHP does on Linux server.

Windows 2003 accounts provide the ability to do some advanced development; however, they also make it extremely easy for the novice to get started. It's as simple as logging into your account and uploading files immediately!

Mail Solutions


"Mail Solution fulfills our requirements in a perfect way. The excellent technical features, with high flexibility and comprehensive service, have been the main criteria for choosing RWD. The reasonable price!"

RWD Mail Solution is a Freeware Mail Server (SMTP / POP3 / IMAP / HTTP / NEWS / SSL / Tunnel) for Microsoft Windows XP ™ and Microsoft Windows 2000 ™ that works with clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express ™ or Microsoft Outlook™. It manages local Mails and emails, incoming emails from the Internet and outgoing emails to external mail addresses.

Filtering mechanisms against Spammers using DNSBL (DNS Black List) and your own Keywords Black List / Friend List are included. Mechanisms against Virus can be used with your Anti-Virus. Replies can be sent automatically for those abusing Spams and Virus to providers.


Mail Clients software such as Opera, Pegasus Mail, Beonex Communicator, The Bat! , Eudora, Mozilla, Mozilla Thunder Bird, are supported by the IMAP protocol developed internally. Other mail clients may normally work.
Normally all POP3 Clients should work.


PHP is supported thru IMAP functions. Functions as imap_open, imap_listmailbox, imap_headers, imap_fetch_overview, imap_body, imap_fetchbody, imap_close have been partially tested. Other functions may normally work.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are supported thru OpenSSL libraries.
The local SMTP and the local POP3 accounts are now limited to 128. The number of external accounts collected using the retriever is not limited (except by program capacity). There is no time or features limitation. If you need more accounts send me an email.

Database Solutions


RWD has a wealth of experience in developing and implementing database systems for small and medium businesses. We specialize in Microsoft Access and SQL, and can rapidly develop database systems.

We understand the unique requirements of your business and design a database to support your business without losing sight of no-nonsense considerations for an efficient and cost-effective system.

Databases come in all shapes and sizes as businesses have varying needs - from the data you require on a day to day basis, monthly invoicing, management information and reporting. It is therefore important to develop a database system that meets your specific expectations and objectives to achieve maximum efficiencies and savings.

To ensure a database is created that meets your business need, Narayani Web Solution prefers to use proven methodologies to foster effective database design (The System Development Life Cycle Model). This model identifies your requirements, enabling a well designed database to be developed which fully meets your objectives and works like a dream.


Search Engine Optimization


Web Traffic Without SEO - An Impossible Goal

Did you know that search engines and directories are the main sources of traffic for almost every web site? Professional website submission to the major search engines and directories is therefore extremely important. Here at RWD, We not only design and develop your quality website rather, we work take this further to optimize your web pages and improving the web page rank so most of the search engines will crawl your website


Here we are listing few techniques we implement in this process:

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs - If the website is database driven and contents are dynamic, Those kind of pages have least chance to get crawled by search engine, Here we implement a URL Rewriting Engine, that converts the dynamic URLs as static Looking URLs and the page contents and the logic still remains the same, This technique called URL Rewriting .
  • Meta tag and keywords generation and inclusion on web pages
  • HTML Validation and Web Page Optimization that includes Load Time Check, HTML Errors, Spellings, Meta Tag Validity
  • Site submission to top search engines
  • Link building and Link Exchange campaign
  • Google Site map creation and submission of sitemap to Google

Link Exchange


Link exchange is considered and is the most effective way to increase traffic to your site.


Some of the most important reasons to exchange links:

  • Increased link popularity Increased search engine ranking
  • Traffic from your reciprocal links on other sites
  • Swap links and build partnership with other webmasters

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